Business Consulting

Profoundly revamp your capabilities . monetising functions of data .  using  effective  methods


Building on what we have learnt, we evaluate.


Being data-driven means being results oriented, so our objective is to get you here.

Data is Our Business

Our mavens support you in understanding your competitive differentiation in your enterprise relative to your industry.

In addition to data, we leverage people-capital to integrate business, operations, and technology.

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We offer our clients an opportunity to learn from our years of experience in the technology-driven economy.

Our consulting is focused on ensuring connected and enterprise grade solutions with a basis on resource planning (ERP).

At Data Mavens we use the Odoo ERP as a baseline to show how to best do ERP.

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Business Intelligence

We create tangible value to your business by driving future business growth and productivity, and enabling a data-driven transformation and decision-making.

We develop best practices in reporting and analytics: data integrity, test design, analysis, validation, and documentation.

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Data Analytics

We support the drive for operational excellence for data ingestion, transformation and publication to ensure confidence in the strategic agenda of executing solutions at scale, across the entire organisation.

We prioritise many possible courses of action in any high-ambiguity environment