Your Data is Our Business

We are invested.

harnessing the powers of implementing data driven solutions

We handle the Technology

that powers your Business.

An app for every Need. 

Our vision is to lead businesses and industries in their pursuit of automated truth from data by offering Business Consulting, Technology Services and Industrial Expertise.

Our team believes in investing in the future of the Data Economy and positioning our customers on how to leverage on all business processes.

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Our timeline 

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Odoo READY Partner

After one year being an Odoo Learning partner, we are now a READY PARTNER with 35 Enterprise subscribers and counting!

January, 2022                 

Veeam Partner

Registered to expand our offerings for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

April, 2021                 

Matillion Partner

As we seek to empower customer's journey to the Cloud, we value our partnership with Matillion to transform data, across its various locations and forms, into cloud data warehouses, specifically, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake

March, 2021                 

1st Atlassian Technical Sales Professional Achieved

We are diligently converting our Technical Experience and Expertise to Partner Sales Accreditations to support and distinguish our brand

February, 2021                 

OpenEduCat Partner

Expressed our interest to partner with Tech-Receptives Solutions Pvt. Ltd as an Affiliate

January, 2021                 

ODOO Learning Partner

A step towards being an Odoo Ready Partner

December, 2020                 


Registered as a BMC Reseller through New Island Technologies (Pty) Ltd our Distributor

December, 2020                 


Registered on the Elastic Partner Program

November, 2020                 

Red hat

Registered on the Red Hat Partner Program for Solution Providers

November, 2020                 


Registered our interest to be an Imply partner for the African region

November, 2020                 


Achieved VMware Modern Applications Platform Valued Sales Professional Accreditation

October, 2020                 


Registered as an Snowflake Partner

October, 2020                 


Registered as an Atlassian Partner

October, 2020                 

VMWARE Partner

Registered as VMWare Partner

September, 2020                 


Registered as Google Cloud Partner

September, 2020                 

Confluent Partner

Registered as Confluent Partner

September, 2020                 

AWS Partner Network (APN)

Registered as AWS Partner Network (APN)

September, 2020                 

Odoo Partnership

Registering with Odoo as a Ready Partner

September, 2020                 

Petroleum Commission Ghana

Registered with Petroleum Commission Ghana

October, 2019

Microsoft Partnership

Registered as a Microsoft Partner and started our Action Pack and the journey towards Accreditations.

May, 2019

Data Protection Commission

Registered with the Ghana Data Protection Commission

May, 2019


Registered with IBM as a Partner

December, 2018

Public Procurement Authority (PPA)

Registered with PPA Ghana

December, 2018


#devopsghana #automation #erp #sddc

From July 17th to 18th join us at the Accra Digital Center from 5pm to 9pm while we discuss our approach to DevOps in Ghana.

July, 2018

Data Mavens and Africa Investment Group

Partnership on Cloud Services

Our team signs an MoU with Africa Investment Group to support their stake in a Cloud Service Provider role.

July, 2018

Data Mavens Ltd


Our team can now help you profoundly revamp your capabilities to create new sources of value, for your data in your business to digitally revive your operations for greater efficiency and in effect transforming your entire enterprise.

January, 2017