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21 June 2020 by
Data Mavens Ltd, Akwasi Mintah

“If you want to go fast, go alone,
  If you want to go far, go together”
                                                                    - African Proverb

Guided by the above sage, Data Mavens Ltd is investing in building synergies through peer partnerships primarily. These partners may be small and mid-size companies, contractors, freelancers, developers, consultants and part-timers. An affiliation with industry leaders and dominant players remains a “red ocean” from Data Mavens Ltd standpoint.

In our previous blog Working With Agile Teams (WwAT), we expressed how we settled on creating an adjunct faculty to augment our core team based on our product and service offerings. Building a strong partner network requires having a strict eligibility criteria. This allows the selection of companies and individuals who share our vision of Customer Focus, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and good work and business ethic.

Having a strong peer partnership network inures to the benefit of all partners and our respective clientele. Business opportunities with the financial sector entities; telecommunication companies, multinational companies, mining and oil & gas sectors might elude individual partners due to their size and capacity. The capacity and size challenge is mitigated by the partnership network pulling and leveraging their respective resources and personnel.

Most countries across the globe have local content laws to promote small-cap companies as well as build local capacity. Yet the penchant of small-cap companies working solo dissipates the dreams of the policy framers, as the intended beneficiaries are unable to take advantage of the local content policy due to their capacity and size

Hence, we at Data Mavens Ltd view our peers in the industry offering similar products and services as collaborators and not as competitors. The peer partnership provides a talent pool from which members of the network can choose from without the burden of having to initiate a recruitment process when their projects require scaling.

Our Partner NETWORK offering

Partner Toolkit

Our partner toolkit allows you to manage all your engagements in one place with a versatile cloud based system supporting community collaboration.

Business Support Services

Our partners can rely on a shared Accounting, Legal and Administration backbone that enables them to focus on their deliveries and operations.

Training Opportunities

Through our shared network we offer our partners the opportunity for continuous professional development.

Access to a Private Pension FUND

We advocate our partners contributing to a viable private pension fund that entitles them to a dignified future retirement.

Data Mavens Ltd, Akwasi Mintah 21 June 2020
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