Workload Automation (WLA) the BMC Way

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Workload Automation (WLA) the BMC Way
Data Mavens Ltd, Leslie Asamoa

We leverage from our history and experience to partner with technology and infrastructure providers to address your unique customization service options.

Control-M is a proven solution that helps IT solve the challenge of scheduling, automating and integrating application workflows enabling faster application implementation
Control-M integrates into existing business processes saving time and money, is enterprise-proven technology with best in class support and customer satisfaction
Control-M can reduce or eliminate fear and obstacles which will speed up “Time to Value”

Six things You Should Know

See all jobs running, regardless of what platform; the ability to see everything running on all Control-M is awesome and the ability to trigger jobs on other platforms provides even more flexibility.

Reduce training requirements and drill down easily. The scheduler interface is extremely user friendly, even for users that are not familiar with other job scheduling tools. 

The ability to schedule jobs running on different platforms and to create dependencies between those jobs is something that was not easily done with separate independent scheduling systems.

With a lot of self-service options like scheduling to run an on-demand job, etc., it is a great tool to get the work done without much dependency from other teams.

A mature, stable and reliable product. Control-M is stable, reliable, able to handle extremely complex scenarios, and the customer support is really fantastic.

Control-M File Transfer is a very useful add-on, allowing for a wide variety of file transfers to be configured ‘out of the box’ and then used as part of the standard batch window.

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Workload Automation (WLA) the BMC Way
Data Mavens Ltd, Leslie Asamoa May 21, 2020
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